1968 Hay Mobale


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Our Heritage

1968 Deweze Logo

No joke, DewEze opens its doors for business on April Fool’s Day 1968.

1968 Hay MoBale
1968 Hay Mobale

DewEze began with the production of the Hay MoBale in an effort to move small square bales from the field to a flatbed.

1974 DewEze Building
1974 DewEze Building

DewEze was incorporated as the interest in hay handling equipment grew.

1975 Bale Bus
1975 Bale Bus

DewEze unveils the Bale Bus, the first-of-its-kind loader to pick up and haul more than one big bale at a time. This application was later expanded, developing the Bale Van.

1978 265 Bale Pikup
1978 265 Bale Pikup

DewEze produces the 265 Slide in unit with the arrival of the round bale. Hydraulically powered equipment is capable of moving two round bales at once, without a need to remove standard pickup beds.

1979 DewEze Hydraulics
1979 DewEze Hydraulics

DewEze hydraulic power systems use expands. The hydraulic system originally designed for moving bales was applied to other commercial enterprises for live, truck-mounted hydraulic power.

1979 DewEze Pull Dozer
1979 Pull Dozer Literature

DewEze introduces the Pull Dozer, a versatile tool designed for land leveling, back filling and snow removal.

1979 DewEze Introduces the Super Slicer
DewEze introduces the Super Slicer

The two-bale Super Slicer hay processor expands the hay handling line, rotating the bale to the ‘soft spot’ and slicing into a swathe.

1983 DewEze Introduces Bale Pickup Technology
DewEze bale handling made easy advertisement

DewEze’ Bale Pikup technology is applied to tractors with the release of the 165-I Bale Hugger. This innovative design later expanded to skid steers

1984 DewEze Introduces First Bale Bed Line
DewEze First Bale Bed line

A watershed year: DewEze introduces its first bale bed line, the 200 series, at the 1984 Kansas State Fair.