Do you need more power?

Do you need more power?

March 31, 2022
pulleys and belts on an engine

Do you need more power?

Have you ever wondered how the DewEze clutch pump kit came to be? Originally designed to power the agricultural industry, the clutch pump kit was created to meet the demand for a hydraulic system that could withstand continuous use and extreme weather conditions. Through research, technology, and partnerships, DewEze worked to find a solution to meet the needs of the agricultural and work truck industries across the globe.

A Brief History

DewEze hydraulics originally used an electric over hydraulic system. Running off the truck’s batteries, electric over hydraulic systems struggled to withstand the continuous use of moving hay from the fields and was less efficient during cold winter temperatures. As demand for bale beds grew, DewEze started searching for a continuous duty option that would be more efficient and withstand lower temperature climates. This led DewEze to work with Randy Ott, an engineer from Iowa, who helped develop a clutch pump kit that can handle the rugged conditions that our users face.

While DewEze was making headway in the agricultural market, the work truck market also showed potential. During this time, automatic transmissions began to gain traction in the work truck industry, and the DewEze clutch pump kit was a perfect fit for this niche.

In 2008, we partnered with Parker Hydraulics to develop a pump that would power our equipment and be optimized for limited-space mounting in engine bays. The smaller-bodied pump allowed for a much cleaner, more straightforward installation while maintaining the performance our end-users have come to rely on.


DewEze utilizes the latest technology to ensure compatibility and stay updated with truck manufacturers’ changes. DewEze designs the entire system in house; working in a computer-aided design (CAD) program, DewEze uses CAD drawings of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines to design all brackets. Brackets are then 3D printed and test-fitted to ensure that required specifications are met before castings are created. This allows us to provide proper fit-up before our customers receive any product and make accurate modifications that keep pace with manufacturers’ frequent vehicle updates.

DewEze prides itself on being the least invasive system available for mobile hydraulics; our system can also be installed faster than competing products, saving you time and money.

Pump Options

DewEze offers many different clutch pump kit configurations to meet the needs of the OEM market, offering three pump options: A, AA, and High-pressure. The A pump is our most common pump, used in agriculture and wrecker applications. The AA pump, designed for our utility market, offers portable hydraulic power without the complications of PTO installation. We also provide a high-pressure pump, used mainly by the hooklift market. DewEze takes pride in offering a range of pump options to outfit trucks in various industries, from agricultural to utility applications and more.

Trust DewEze Hydraulics

Ready to begin your DewEze Hydraulics journey? DewEze Hydraulics offers a Find-A-Kit feature, allowing you to identify the DewEze clutch pump system you need by inputting your truck’s make, year, and engine. Need help finding a DewEze Hydraulics dealer? Use our Dealer Locator feature on our website to find the location nearest to you.

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