Harper Hawk Turf Sweeper

Harper Turf Launches New Line of Turf Sweepers

December 28, 2020
Harper Hawk Turf Sweeper
Harper Hawk Turf Sweeper

HARPER, Kan. – Harper Turf Equipment, the innovation leader in debris clearing solutions for sports turf and landscape management, is proud to announce the release of the new self-propelled Harper Hawk Turf Sweepers. The Harper Hawk sweeper line was engineered from the ground up with four key features in mind: stability, visibility, simplicity and superior pick up performance. From an extra-wide footprint to tackle slopes or slippery terrain, to clearing cores in a single pass, the Harper Hawk is tough on challenging debris, yet easy on the turf.

“The Hawk utilizes a two-stage system for pick up,” said Drew Gerber, Vice President of Product. “With this brush rotor and paddle set up we were able to eliminate common clogging transitions to keep the flow of material running smoothly into the hopper.”

The absence of a vacuum fan also improves operator confidence when backing the unit to a truck or utility trailer to empty the 3.5 cu yard hopper. The 6 ft. high-lift dumping feature offers a clear line of sight while the sweeper is moving in reverse to the waste container.

The HK4400 (4-wheel drive) and HK4200 (2-wheel drive) are powered by a 24.8 HP Kubota engine, a common engine for the turf industry. The high torque with lower RPM reduces vibrations and produces minimal noise, limiting disruptions to those nearby. Harper Turf’s patented recirculating air technology also minimizes dust for a cleaner and quieter environment.

“The air comes up into the hopper and we have screens on the top side of the hopper that allow the air to flow back down to the brush rotor,” Gerber said. “Because the air is forced back down to the ground and not out the back of the machine, it creates a clean sweeping process.” The new models are available for spring order. Contact your local Harper Turf dealer to request a demo or for pricing information.

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