Bale Bed comparison

Parallel v. Pivot Bale Bed Comparison

October 17, 2017
DewEze Bale Bed comparison
DewEze Bale Bed comparison

Unrolling silage bales into the pasture? Clearing a field of square bales? Stacking into rows? No matter the operation – DewEze Parallel and Pivot style bale beds offer a solution for your ranching needs. But which model is the best fit for you?

In 1984, the introduction of the DewEze Parallel Squeeze gave cattlemen a lift on feeding chores. The flatbed’s versatility, convenience and rugged features transformed the way ranchers worked in the field. This “mobile package” cut feeding time, reduced waste and, for the first time, offered ranchers long-distance hauling.

Sure, the parallel’s style and features changed over the past 30 years, but this simple and reliable design is still the preferred model for:

  • Handling loose or broken bales
  • Loading into bale rings
  • Grabbing bales out of a row
  • Pick up without spinners and
  • Easier stake pocket accessibility

The traditional Parallel Squeeze has a grip capacity of 41 to 90 inches.

DewEze offered ranchers the best of both worlds with the release of the Pivot Squeeze in 2013. Engineered with the same strength and sophistication as the leading Parallel Squeeze, the Pivot model’s arms open and close from 110 to 34 inches.

Compared to the Parallel, the Pivot is the preferred model for:

  • Faster, synchronized squeeze operation
  • Wider and tighter range of motion:
    • Loading equipment
    • Gripping 4’ round bales and
    • Loading large, 8′ square bales

What do you use your bed to haul? Which style do you prefer? We’re always interested to hear what works for you.

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